A Foreword by Margaret Atwood

When our UK publishers, Aurum Press, asked us to find a major contemporary author to write the foreword to A Secret Sisterhood, Margaret Atwood immediately sprung to mind.

Some of you may remember that Margaret kindly shared a link to Something Rhymed on social media not long after we first launched. We were particularly touched by this gesture since we know that Margaret understands the importance of female literary friendship first-hand. She is a longstanding friend of Nobel Prize-winner and fellow Canadian, Alice Munro. You might well find more details about their relationship cropping up on our site in the new year…

But how could we possibly get our request to Margaret Atwood? Ironically, given that she is a keen user of new technologies, the answer lay in the lost art of letter writing – something we wrote about in the early days of this blog. We plucked up the courage to slip the handwritten note into Margaret’s hand after a public lecture, and then we waited…


The new addition of Margaret Atwood’s name to the front cover tells you all you need to know for now about her response! Come June 1st, A Secret Sisterhood will be available from bookshops, our stories of female literary friendship coming after Margaret’s wise and funny reflections.

As you can imagine, we are delighted by this generous example of sisterhood, and are truly humbled to be sharing our cover with her.

12 thoughts on “A Foreword by Margaret Atwood

  1. Congratulations on having the always amazing Margaret Atwood join your project! I blog about women’s representation in fiction, and I would like to know if there will be review copies available, because I’d kill for one! Happy Holidays xxx

  2. Looking forward to reading your book, Emma and Emily! And more than happy to review for you on my blog etc. I’ve followed your project from the beginning and am impressed by the scope as well as the dedication you’ve paid to it. Great news that Margaret Atwood, one of my literary heroes (do we still say heroine?) has been so supportive in writing a foreword. All the best, Ali x

  3. Wow! Great to have Margaret Atwood on board and entirely appropriate for your book which I can’t wait to buy and enjoy as much as I did Owl Song at Dawn, the most unexpected, original and heartwarming novel I read in 2016. xx

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